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Bielsko-Biała – routes on site


Enduro Trails 15 trails / 32 km 15 (blue, red, black) flow line, enduro and dh routes, accessible from the ski lift and uphill

Wild trails Cuberniok/Dębowiec ~ 8 trails / 12 km

Wild trails Magurka ~ 7 trails / 14 km

Wild trails Klimczok ~ 5 trails/ 7km

Wild trails Gaiki/Straconka ~ 10 trails / 12 km


Bielsko-Biała – routes within an hour's drive

Bike Park Skolnity

Bike Park Złoty Groń

Bike Park Soszów

Bike Park Stożek

Bike Park Palenica

Bike Park Góra Żar

Bike Park Mosorny Groń

Bike Park Szczyrk Enduro Trails by TREK

Enduro complex Babia Góra Trails


Bielsko-Biała – routes within an 2-3 hour's drive

Bike Park Kalnica (Slovakia)

Bike Park Tosovice (Czech Republic)

Bike Park Koprivna (Czech Republic)

Rychlebskie Ścieżki (Czech Republic)

We invite you to Bielsko-Biała, a beautiful and atmospheric city, situated at the foot of the Beskid Mountains, a place with a rich gastronomic and party offer, full of people with a passion for sports. The local cycling scene is almost 25 years old, and the number of cyclists and routes is still growing. In the close vicinity of Bielsko-Biała there are official path complexes, bike parks but also a lot of wild, diverse routes.





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